//Nina's Log 030222

At the heart of what I do, will always be what is true and right. Which is why when I considered coming back to Nonie after building Folds, I couldn’t come back to the way it was. Over the past few years I became aware of a solution to one of our biggest problems in climate change, textile manufacturing/fashion, and to ignore that truth would be unseemly of me. I will no longer create in seasons and will only cut and sew from fabric that can be recycled to make more fabric.

There was a lot of sacrifice in this decision. Along with the time and effort we put into testing, new sewing tools, and updating all old patterns, most of the challenge for me was the changes in my creative process – these beautiful fabrics are not like any I have worked with. It changed the way I design, which was a bit unnerving. Everything I used to love and be inspired by, changed. The fabric had so much resistance to where I wanted to go, so finally I stopped pushing, and just started riding. I started realizing who I truly am without the bias of society and the authority of the industry. This is my best work because I became my own muse and my thoughts created freely. I’m learning who I truly am. Every day I learn so much - I’m in love with it all. 

The value of truth and ethics is at the core of NONIE today. It’s fused into the garment. When you support my work, you know your purchase was made in good conscious and you can dress yourself in garments you know are good for you, the earth, and our children’s future. 

I hope you enjoy this ride with me. Welcome to the new NONIE :)

//end log